Movie Camp 2012


The Green Team (ages 10 to 12) at the 4th Annual Movie Camp in Amherst, Mass. created this adaptation of the Daniel Pinkwater book, "The Neddiad." They sought out props, costumes, and sets for the script they worked on before camp began on July 16, 2012. Filming was done during the afternoons each day and the final cut was shown at the world premier on July 20, 2012 for all their parents after a potluck cookout picnic. This is the most advanced movie the kids have produced since Movie Camp began 4 years ago.

Plot summary: Neddie and his family travel west to settle in LA so they can eat in the Brown Derby restaurant. Along the way, a shaman gives Neddie a magical turtle which if it gets in the wrong hands can cause the destruction of the world. He meets three new friends, Seamus, Billy (the ghost), and Iggy They manage to save the world from Sholmos Bunyip, the head of International Mammon Studios, who has stolen the turtle (through his henchman, Sandor Eucalyptus) and wants to resurrect Kkhkktonos who will destroy the world and make, him, Sholmos, the King of the world.

The Neddiad

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