Movie Camps


As Anne & I were driving back from a cross-country trip in the Spring of 2009 in our Chinook RV and listening to music on the iPod, an inspiration emerged from the song, “Pony Man” by Gordon Lightfoot.

“I always wanted to make a movie of that song.” I said. In a factious way, Anne asked, “Now where do you think we could find kids to act in that movie?” Of course, the answer was our grandsons and their friends who live in Amherst, Mass.

This idea evolved into running a camp for these kids where they could learn and practice making their own movies. We sent an email to my daughter, thinking this might take place the next (2010) Summer. She replied with dates for the Summer of 2009! It was a scramble, but the first Movie Camp was a huge success.

Watch the behind the scenes movies of the camps AND the movies these talented and creative kids have made.