Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge Repair and Operating Guide



  Since Tom Barker published his first book on Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge operation and repair over 45 years ago, thousands of loyal Flyer Fans have used this book to preserve these fantastic testimonials to American ingenuity and manufacturing prowess. While these trains are 60 to 70 years old, they are still going strong because of a dedicated group devoted to their preservation. Tom hopes that his research and writing has helped in some small way to help these thousands of AF fans in their efforts. Now, in a giant single volume, Tom covers the fundamental aspects of problem diagnosis and repair. He lists the basic tools that need to be in your roundhouse to effectively keep your American Flyer S Gauge trains on the right track. This is the authoritative book on Gilbert AF Train repair. Not just a manual of parts, but a guide on how to actually take things apart and put them back together in excellent working order. Tom expands on the basics found in his first handmade book and adds his "tips" that range from the ever present problem of keeping track clean to the complete restoration of a Circus Train from junk box parts. The accessories section has been expanded to include the most popular of these operating marvels. If you find a broken sawmill, Tom's step-by-step guidance will get it working on your layout. His philosophy has always been to use commonly available components to reconstruct and restore broken parts that are no longer available. If you are new to operating and collecting Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge, welcome to a wonderful world! If you are a seasoned, experienced AF operator you will just love the compilation of information Tom has assembled. He has added an additional 100 pages of new topics including more user friendly pictorial wiring diagrams, a huge chapter on accessories, and a reorganization of the book that guides the reader into the philosophy of AF repair – plus a complete Index to all topics. The cost of producing a book like this (even in the age of print on demand) is especially high for color. Therefore, both a black and white version at a reasonable price of $27 and the color version for $57 is offered.

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